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“Tentaram me fazer acreditar que o amor não existe e que sonhos estão fora de moda. Cavaram um buraco bem fundo e tentaram enterrar todos os meus desejos, um a um, como fizeram com os deles. Mas como menina-teimosa que sou, ainda insisto em desentortar os caminhos. Em construir castelos sem pensar nos ventos. Em buscar verdades enquanto elas tentam fugir de mim. A manter meu buquê de sorrisos no rosto, sem perder a vontade de antes. Porque aprendi, que a vida, apesar de bruta, é meio mágica.


I was in a fog, I didn’t notice everything
Was coming all apart inside of me
There’s a radiant darkness upon us
But I don’t want you to worry

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"I don’t know how the world sees me, but I think how I see myself is; I’m 16 years old so obviously I struggle with self-confidence and insecurities and self-esteem. But I think I’m just trying to be better at being me" 
I'm not the way that I used to be
I took the record off repeat
You killed me but I survived
And now I'm coming alive


I’ve never seen any animal move so fast. They slide down the vines as if the things were greased. Leap impossible distances from tree to tree. Fangs bared, hackles raised, claws shooting out like switchblades. I may be unfamiliar with monkeys, but animals in natulre don’t act like this. "Mutts!" I spit out as Finnick and I crash into the greenery.

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March 3rd, 1997
“The girl with the most beautiful smile in the world...”

Demi Lovato out for dinner with Selena Gomez [1.23.2014]

Demi Lovato out for dinner with Selena Gomez [1.23.2014]

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why do we even have that lever?